Childrens Groups

DSC_0673.jpgEach week, the team travels around various villages to lead children's groups for all different ages. Each session follows a theme from the Bible, using songs, prayer, crafts, games, sketches and memory verses. We teach the theme of the day in a way that the children and young people will understand. The main lesson is given using practical examples that they can apply in their daily lives.

As well as sharing the Good News with the children, we love to build good relationships with them and encourage them to develop good bonds of friendship amongst themselves. This openness gives them the confidence to invite others to the group.


15.30-17.30 Group at Hășdat (teenagers)


11.00-12.00 Group at Hașdat (children)
14.00-16.00 Group at Hașdau
14.30-15.30 Group at Lunca Cernei (for children from Lunca Cernei De Sus, Lunca Cernei De Jos and Negoiu)


13.00-14.00 Group at Răcăstie (for children from Răcăstie and Furnale)
15.00-16.00 Group at Bretea Română (for children from Bretea Română and Bretea Strei)
16.40-17.40 Group at Plopi
18.00-19.00 Group at Cârnești (for children from Cârnești and Unciuc)

Children’s homes (orphanages)

DSCN0984.jpegAnother project which is very important to us is helping and supporting children’s homes. One of these is in the town of Hunedoara which is where 27 children with special needs, aged 3-18, call “home”. Because of the variety of disabilities they have, and the small numbers of carers, the children rarely get the opportunity to get outside of the home. And that is why we go and run activities with them in the home (crafts, songs, games, puppets and stories), and also to take them outside. Each weekend, we take a group of three or more children to the park, to a cake shop or to an indoor play area.

The other home we work with is in Hațeg which has apporximately 30 children. We have sometimes organised a special program for the children with games and songs, we have given them sweets and toys, and sometimes, on special ocassions or birthdays, we have taken a few of the children into town for a pizza.

It is always humbling to see the joy on the children’s faces when you offer them a cake or a drink of juice, or when they enter the indoor play area with a ball pool and bouncy castle – for them it’s a magical wonderland. All the things that we think are ‘normal’ or ours by ‘right’, for them is an adventure and a new opportunity that they receive with huge gratitude.


DSC_0646.jpgAt the same time as working with the children in the villages, it is important for us to establish good relationships with the parents and with the other residents of the villages. As and when we are able, we give out clothes and food to those who are in desperate need. Many of the children in these families have to grow up quickly because they need to help their parents look after their younger siblings, do chores around the house or on the land, which leaves little time for them to play. Regular visiting helps us to keep up with their news and to find out what needs they have. These families are always grateful for the help we offer and often show their gratitude through their friendship, and sometimes even cakes or home grown produce.

Old People

DSCN0966.jpegIt is amazing to see the joy in an old person when someone visits them. That’s why for many years we have taken on the responsibility of helping a group of five widows, and more recently, visiting the Old People’s Home in town. Through spending time with them, we want them to know the love of God, and that they are not forgotten.

Our hope is that when we visit the widows, we can offer them a small amount of monetary and moral support to help ease their financial burdens and loneliness. And so, as and when we are able, we contribute to their bill payments or help pay for any medication they may need.

We have been able to provide the Old People’s Home with various medical supplies, as well as beds, bedding and small gifts for the residents. Through this we have begun to build up good relationships with both the staff and residents there.


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