How it all began

In 1998 Dani and Lenuţa started to work as volunteers at a children’s group in Calan, and during those three years, their love for children really developed. They took a course in how to effectively teach children (PEC), and during that course they began to see the desperate need for children’s groups in the villages. Two weeks after completing the course, they formed a new children’s group in a village called Haşdat.

As they worked with the children in the village, they began to see the huge need the people in villages had, both materially and spiritually. Their way of life and their needs were considerably different from people from towns, but not even the local churches were doing anything to reach out to the children. So God put on their hearts a desire to reach out to several villages and start groups in other places.

A year after starting the group at Haşdat, they received an invitation to work with the children in the village of Sfântamaria. Shortly after that, they received invitations from Răcăştie, Chitid and Boşorod.

In 10 years, their ministry has expanded and they now lead teams at seven weekly groups, covering children from 12 different villages. Each group was opened through a huge amount of prayer and effort from the team, and continue with the grace and strength of God. Due to work commitments during the week, these groups all take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and the team travel around 300km each weekend.

Some of these villages are difficult to get to with very few buses and only dirt tracks for roads. Dani and Lenuţa didn’t have a car in the early days and had to get buses as far as they went, and walk the rest of the way. Occasionally they were able to borrow a car from a friend which was a huge blessing when it was possible. In 2009, God provided Dani and Lenuţa with the much needed money to buy a small car, "Sunshine", which they are able to use for the ministry. In 2011, we were excited to see that the local authorities had started to work on the roads which go to the villages where are groups are. Now there is only one part of our journey where the road is difficult, and even there, they have begun work and we hope that it will be finished in the next year.

There was always a need for a bigger car as we often take children from one village to the next where we hold the groups as well as transporting the leaders we need. With the 'Sunshine' car we often needed to do two trips to get everyone to the right place. In October 2012, God responded to our prayers of 11 years and we received the money to buy a bigger car which is perfect for our needs.

Over the years, we have seen God's amazing faithfulness and his help in all our needs. He has responded to our most daring prayers, and we trust Him to continue to take care of us and our ministry.


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