Dani__Lenuta_Landscape.jpgDani & Lenuta have been heading up the ministry since 2001. They have been faithful in carrying out the work God put on their hearts to reach out to the people in the villages and have built up good relationships with young and old alike. They live in Hunedoara and have two children. Dani works in construction during the week and Lenuta stays home with the children and is studying.

Sorin_Landscape.jpgSorin brings a huge amount of creativity to the team. He shows great care and interest in the children and joins us almost every weekend, despite working long hours during the week in electronics.

Cristina_Landscape.jpgCristina's boundless energy and love for the children is seen in her ability to relate to children and young people of all ages, and in the enthusiasm and inspiration with which she leads the activities in the children's groups.


Heidi_Landscape.jpgHeidi is totally dedicated to serving in Romania, and is a continous source of ideas that communicate hope. She comes from England but is a central part of the team, and also leads worship at DeoGloria church.


Alina_Landscape.jpgAlina has a gift for caring and shows her love for the children through her gentleness and kindness. She is willing to do anything for anyone and often uses her creativity to lead crafts and games.


267444_1823558114672_288959_n.jpg Gabi is a member of the team on whom we have become dependant since we discovered his talents in IT and creativity. It wasn't long until his put on his list of priorities the weekly children's groups in the villages. Now he serves each week preparing songs, the prayer time, building relationships with the children and supporting their families.

Junior leaders

There are several committed junior leaders who join us as and when they can - at camps, and at the weekly groups when there is room in the car. It is exciting for the team to see the young people grow from being children in the groups to leaders of maturity and faith and we love to give them opportunities to serve with us.



www.visionromania.org - This team from Scotland does a huge amount to support the ministry by joining us at camp (often with their dental team), raising awareness and funds, and co-ordinating the giving of many Christmas shoeboxes. We are hugely grateful for all their help.

•A team from the Faroe Islands have sometimes come to visit with bus-loads of shoes and clothes which we have distributed to many families in need. We love to work with these amazing people who spent lots of time and effort collecting things to bring to Romania.

•Casa Harului, Varmaga - This is the location for our summer camps, and although the association doesn't have an official website, it provides hundreds of children and young people in need, and people of all ages with disabilities the chance for a holiday each summer.

http://www.betelccb.ro - We partner with the Bethlehem Centre in Hunedoara for the preparation of the summer camps and for the Christmas shoeboxes.

•We also receive support from individuals in Romania and other countries, who pray for us, visit us, and occasionally give us financial gifts.

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