Summer Camps

IMG_2672.JPGEach summer, we take the children and young people to camp. Each week is a unique experience to have fun together and to learn more about the Word and the love of God for us all. We also take the opportunity to get to know the children better and build good relationships of trust with them.

For most of the children who come to camp, it is the only week of the year they get a holiday. They come from very poor families and have to help their parents on the land, with jobs around the house and looking after younger siblings, all from a very early age. This week away is a chance for them to eat well, have fun away from their day to day responsibilities and to have a new perspective on life.

As well as the main sessions, team and sports activities, we are often able to offer them free dental care. A dental team from Scotland join us for the week and spend hour after hour taking care of the children’s teeth. For these children it is the only time in the year they are able to see a dentist, and for many it is the first time in their lives they have had any dental treatment.

Christmas Shoeboxes

Photo1.JPGEach Christmas, we receive hundreds of shoeboxes from the UK to give out to the children in the villages. For most of these children it is the only present they receive. They look forward to them for weeks and talk about them for a long time after receiving them.

We are enormously grateful to the people who donate the gifts. The look on the children’s faces as they see the beautifully wrapped boxes and open them is beyond words – the joy and the excitement as well as the appreciation that someone cares for them is so evident.

In each box they receive toiletries, games, toys and clothes, all of which their parents can't afford to buy. What they receive in these boxes are often their only possesions and are therefore greatly treasured by each individual.


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